5 Winter School Holiday Ideas

5 Winter School Holiday Ideas

It can sometimes be difficult to come up with new ways to keep the kids entertained during school holidays. These ideas might help!


Fun Science Activities

Kidspot have a great list of science activities that are easy to do at home. These science activities use supplies that you may already have around the house, if not you can easily pick them up from Woolworths.


Cook Off

Kids love to be creative, especially if food is involved. Why not let them come shopping with you and pick out the ingredients they would like to use to make a delicious lunch or treat. The kids are sure to have fun finding delicious ingredients from St Helena Pasta Deli, Scotch & Fillet and Woolworths.


Activities in St Helena

If you’re looking for some different places to take the kids during the school holidays, check out this list from Trip Advisor. From playgrounds to chocolate shops, there’s sure to be activities your kids will love.


Crafty Activities

Arts and crafts are great fun for the kids (and sometimes the parents!), whether it’s painting, drawing or making something creative from their imagination. If you’re after some new quirky ideas that the kids will love, then this list from Bright Star Kids is worth checking out. They have a great list of activities from glow in the dark slime to rainbow toast. These activities use supplies that you will more likely already have, however if you don’t you will be able to find them at Aqueduct News & Lotto or from Woolworths.


Lounge Room Drive In

For the rainy cold winter days, a fun idea for the kids is to create a drive in movie experience in the lounge room. The kids can create and decorate their own ‘cars’ from old boxes and make them comfy with some pillows and blankets. Get some delicious movie treats set up on a table nearby for the kids to come and ‘buy’ before settling into their cars before the movie starts. Best Recipes have some movie snack ideas if you want to try something new.


We hope this list helps you keep the kids entertained during the winter school holidays. For more tips and news, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.